Friday, August 1, 2014

My first Triathlon - Tinman Tri!

A friend of mine convinced me to join the Tinman Triathlon and do it with her - 750m swim, 24 mile bike and 10k run. I was really nervous because I am a terrible swimmer... But after I swam the actual course for the Tri I felt so much better!

I  was SO thrilled with this race. I wanted to finish in under 3 and a half hours. I finished in 3 hours and 5 minutes! So stoked!

Some pics...
The night before - Getting ready

Before the start of the race
Starting the Run

Finishing the run! Sprinting to finish!

Me, Gavin, Jessica 

Hubby and I!

Friday, May 30, 2014

State 4: Green Bay Marathon

State #4 was Wisconsin and as a loyal Packer fan I was SO excited for this marathon. How could I not be? You end the marathon with a lap around Lambeau field and running through Packer tunnel before heading to the finish line. Sweeeet!
Hubby and I left for Wisconsin the Thursday evening before the marathon - very late, as most flights from Hawaii are red eyes. We arrived in Milwaukee mid afternoon Friday. First things first we made a stop at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee. We have a tradition that each trip includes a brewery tour and we take home a pint glass for a souvenir. This trip was no exception. My two aunts met us down there for a tour and tasting - We had a wonderful time!
Lakefront Brewery! With Aunt Shelley and Aunt Ellen
Tom, me & Aunt Shelley

After the brewery we headed to the go to dinner with the rest of my family and hit up another local brewery! We had a great time Friday evening!
Saturday morning we went up to Green Bay - it was a couple hour drive and lucky for us my cousin drove hubby and I so we got to sit back and enjoy the ride (we appreciated this even more coming back post marathon!) When we arrived in Lambeau we headed to lalalala..... LAMBEAU FIELD! How awesome is that? We quickly moved through the packet pick up and expo. A note about the expo and pick up. I thought it was weird that they had you pick up your packet and then go up to another floor to get the t-shirts. They even had signs on all the doors leaving reminding you not to forget your t-shirt. Why not just do it together? The expo was small, but I'll be honest I only did a quick loop before leaving the expo. We then went to lunch - QDOBA! My love - it is a shame Hawaii does not have such goodness. After lunch we went back to Lambeau to do an 1.5 hour tour - this was SO cool and a MUST while in Green Bay!

Packer Tunnel.... (Ran through this ONTO the field!!)
Go Pack Go!
Down on Lambeau field!
Marathon morning came early! By 4:50am I had finally managed to roll out of bed and eat my post run meal which consisted of a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. I dressed, got all marathon ready and headed down to the hotel lobby to meet my support crowd and we caught the shuttle from the next door hotel to Lambeau.
I used a sharpie on my arm to remember paces at certain miles and my overall time goal - 4:45!
This was so convenient that the marathon offers this. Another awesome thing the hotel we stayed at automatically began breakfast earlier and offered late check out Sunday (no charge!) because of the marathon. Thank you for being so accommodating Baymont Inn and Suites!

Tom and I waited near the start of the race with my family until it got closer to the finish line. I was a bit nervous because it was so chilly. I was bundled up in my sweater and sweats with my hood up. About 10 minutes before the start I finally decided to ditch the sweater and sweats (But leave my long sleeve over) and headed to the start line. Gave my hubby a kiss - wished him good luck and settled in by the 4:45/4:30 pace groups to start. Before I knew it - we were off and I was on to marathon and state #4! Woohoo! I kept remembering what my coach told me to stay patient and I kept reminding myself to keep myself under control and not start out to fast. For the first 5 miles I paced myself and was having a blast! Around mile 5 I joined up with the 4:45 pace group. At mile 6 I decided I needed a potty break.
P.S.... Potty breaks are the worst especially when you have decided to stick with a pace group and you have to catch up with them. It took me until almost mile 10 to catch up with the pace group again because I didn't want to go super face and tire myself out and not be able to hit my goal. I caught up with the pace group again though - and ran with them the remainder of the way. Never running with a pace group before I have to admit I quite liked it. I enjoyed having people to talk to and having people who were aiming for the same time encouraging each other. At times we really kept each other going.
Around mile 11 or so I left my long sleeve with my family. Who by the way were AWESOME! They made it to multiple different spots throughout the course to cheer both me and my hubby on it. It was so awesome to see them along the course and have their support - it meant so much!
We hit the half way point and I felt great. I knew I was on target for my goal time as I was still a couple minutes ahead of schedule. I was determined and I made sure I continued to fuel correctly. I took water and Gatorade at every aid station (even if just a little) and I made sure to have GU every 45-50  minutes. At mile 20 I had one every 3 miles (Mile 20 and 23). Even when the dreaded 18-19 miles came I still felt great. In the past this is where I have really began to slow and pain creeps up on me. It didn't happen this time. Sure I had my aches and pains - but overall I still felt pretty darn good. I felt much stronger this race then past races.
Running a lap around City Stadium (Where the Packers played long ago) was awesome. It was made even cooler by one of the girls I was running with went to that high school and was filling me in on little city facts as we ran. It was pretty cool!
Mile 23 came - we stopped for a quick group photo of our pace group (See below) and then continued on. Just around mile 24 our group thinned to just 4 of us and we even lost our pacer (She dropped back to help someone). But we powered forward. 4 of us. We kept motivating each other, we kept encouraging and we kept going. At one point someone yelled "7 more blocks to go"... We couldn't have been more excited. I am pretty sure we went more then 7 blocks!!
When we finally turned the corner and saw Lambeau and the path to enter I was SO excited. We were SO close! I was  SO close to coming in under my goal. I ran through Packer tunnel and entered Lambeau field - HOW COOL! I did a lap around Lambeau with one of my 4:45 pace group friends (Barb) with me and it was SO cool! We exited Lambeau through Packer tunnel and made the last push toward the finish line. As we got close I still had gas in me to sprint (This didn't exist on any of my other marathons!) to the finish line... So Barb and I pushed and we sprinted to the finish. As soon as we crossed the finished we shared a hug and congratulated each other, received our medals and took some pictures together. There is nothing like runner friends - those who finish side by side and understand what you just went through and understand your accomplishment (whatever that is personally to you!)
I saw my family as I was finishing too and that was so awesome. Walked through the finish corral and met up with my family and hubby.
Final time... 4:41:23!!! I couldn't have been more excited. Not only did I beat my goal time of 4:45 but I also came in 45 minutes under my previous best marathon time. Hubby finished in 3:28 and some seconds - he cut off over a half hour off his time too!
Green Bay put on a great event. Aid stations were spot on throughout the course with port potties, plenty of water and Gatorade, GU, popsicle stations, root beer stations, chocolate stations (Which I skipped the last 3 but still way cool). Crowd support was awesome! We also lucked out and had perfect running weather... Chilly 45ish at the start but ended in the mid 60s.

Around mile 11 I believe?
Mile 23 - Remainder of the 4:45 pace group
Finishers medal!

We did it! Marathon #4 for me and #2 for hubby!

Us with our awesome support crowd! THANKS AGAIN FOR COMING! Love you all!

After the race I ditched my vegetarian ways momentarily (I think I earned it) and indulged in the best burgers ever.... FIVE GUYS! We can't get it on Hawaii so boy was it quite a yummy, greasy treat. After lunch we headed back to my Aunt's house and shortly after that Tom and I left for Milwaukee to meet up with his family. That night we helped set up for his Grandma's 80th birthday party and the next day we celebrated her 80th birthday with the family.

All in all - a good trip and can check off another state on my journey!

Some family at Grandma's 80th birthday!

Grandma Maggie about to blow out the candles!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The In between

What does the in between marathons look like for me? Running, running and more running with some cross training mixed in!

I started working with a running coach who I met at the Louisiana Marathon - Coach GP. He knows of my quest to run a marathon in every state. He also knows that I want to qualify and run The Boston Marathon. This is our focus as a team right now - How I can improve speed and stay healthy to be able to someday qualify for Boston. I have to say working with GP so far has been one of the best decisions I have made! Just about 2 months later and my time is already improving drastically in lower mileage events!

My next state/marathon is 4 weeks from today! I am very excited to be going to run in Green Bay and be able to run through Lambeau Field - It doesn't get much better for a Packer Fan!! I am hoping to come in under 5 hours for Green Bay which would beat my last marathon time by 26 minutes!

Beside training I've had some race to keep me busy also!

Great Aloha Run - 8 miles of running with friends :)

Haleiwa 5k - Set my new current personal best for a 5k here!! Finished in 28:04! Beat my last 5k time  by over almost a minute per mile!

Hapalua Half Marathon - A friend from work completed her first half!

Hapalua Half Marathon - Set another personal best for a half marathon here too! Finished in 2:10:51 -- beat my previous half marathon time by OVER a minute per mile!! Was SO excited!!

My first trail run! Did the Kaena Point 10k trail run - It was tough but fun!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Louisiana Marathon

Meeting Bill Rodgers!!

I have so much love for the Louisiana Marathon. I know I have only run three so far but this is by far my favorite. And will be a tough one to beat! It only seems right to start with the Expo. Packet pick up was super easy which is always a plus. The expo itself had a lot of good vendors there and not as crazy expensive as the Honolulu Marathon expo was. One thing I loved that the LA Marathon did was they had all kinds of things to purchase with their logo on it - blankets, t-shirts, visors, wine glasses, pen, pint glasses, coffee mugs, coasters, etc. Very neat! So of course I got coasters and a pint glass!

Ticket pick up for the pasta dinner was pretty easy too. But the pasta dinner was AWESOME. The food honestly was mediocre. I don't have anything bad to say about the food but nothing overly exciting either! But Bill Rodgers spoke and then so did Matt Long. Both of them were amazing. Matt's story is simply amazing and he is such an inspiration! I got to meet both Bill and Matt at the end of the evening which was PERFECT! I bought Matt's book and both him and Bill signed it. Needless to say this marathoner was happy!

Meeting Matt Long


 The start of the marathon was 7 am and they asked everyone to be in the corral by 6:50am. Getting to the start was easy and parking was easy (which is always super nice!). It was so neat when you approached the state capital building where the start line was they had a light shining on it with the logo and name of the race! I thought this was super neat (Pic on right)! They asked everyone to courtesy corral - which I appreciate. It is always no fun to be darting around those much slower then you for the first couple miles.

Getting ready to cross start line

I have realized that the number of racers the Louisiana Marathon had was what I enjoyed most! Operation Jack was a bit to small and Honolulu was to big! Louisiana was perfect size.

The course was absolutely beautiful! Crossing the bridge and both the beginning and end was fun and a beautiful sight. The landmarks, lakes, houses, everything was simply beautiful. My only complaint was that miles 15-22 was an out and back through a residential area mostly. I wish they had this part first because it was the most boring part of the race and if it was first I think it would have been a bit easier. That being said crowd support throughout the neighborhood was amazing. The people of Baton Rouge throughout the entire course was AWESOME! They had awesome signs, a guy with a kong that him and runners would hit, people blasting music, etc. All of the crowd support made the race that much more awesome.

The race was very well supported also. Aid stations with powerade (I do wish they used something else, I am not a huge fan of powerade, but I drank it anyways), water, port a potties (Every mile!!) where about every mile. GU/Shot blocks where given a little less often but still very frequent. EVERY MILE. Awesome support the entire marathon. Also the course was very well labeled. And of course one of the most important thing - volunteers - they were amazing!

I would without a doubt run this marathon every year if it was closer to me. I will definitely recommend it!

Almost at the finish!

The finish festival was pretty neat. Each runner got a wristband with 10 punches on it for free food and drinks. There was a lot of options and it was super neat that they had a lot of vegan friendly options. I know that the race went out of their way to ensure they had vegan options also - major plus. The only complaint I have is for those who finished after 4:30 there was not a lot of food left. They need to work on this for those who finish later next year. If you have a 7 hour cut off - food should be around still for those.

What was this race like for physically? This was race #3 in 6 weeks. A couple days before the race began I saw this quote....

I had certainly not forgotten my most recent marathons - Honolulu or Operation Jack. But I wasn't worried about it. Honestly, the only thing I was worried about was chaffing under my arm. I had NOT forgotten how incredibly painful that was during Operation Jack and I feared running another 26.2 miles with that pain. I made sure I put deodorant on and Vaseline up'd my right under arm. Luckily for me this worked. However, my left arm chaffed just a bit under the arm. Though certainly not bad at all and it didn't start until about mile 22. Thank goodness!

Other then that the race went well. Of course I hit the half marathon mark at 2:30 (Right on track for a 5 hour finish) but then I began to weaken around mile 15 (I dropped to about 12 min per mile pace) until about mile 21. Then from then on I slowed a bit more. My glute muscles hurt again, though not as bad. And my left arch hurt a bit also. But it is a marathon - so normal aches and pain! My toes helf up SO well I was impressed!

Most importantly?

I PR'd this marathon too! So that means each time I have run a marathon I've beat my previous time!!
Finished in 5:26:51!!
I finished!

My mom was my support for this marathon! Us just after I finished!

Love the medal!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

State 2: California - Operation Jack Marathon

State number 2. 18 days after my first ever marathon!

I have a routine when I run a marathon. Or when I go out for a long run. I like my routine - I am comfortable with my routine and knowing it will bring me success. I didn't stick to a single thing with my routine for this marathon. And it worked out just fine - it taught me I don't necessarily need to stick to my routine. I also realize that by traveling to 50 states from Hawaii to run marathons it is unrealistic to rely on routine. So thank you Operation Jack for making me realize this. 

So why the lack of routine you may be wondering? Well hubby and I decided to take a road trip through California for the holidays! We started up north and ended in San Diego. We ran the Operation Jack Marathon about half way in between - the day after Christmas! 

The day before the marathon we spent driving from Half Moon Bay to LA area - we took the 1 which took us much longer then I originally thought! Our food for the day was not consistent, but at least we had a consistent water/Gatorade intake! The days leading up to the marathon? Completely off our normal diet and lots of brewery stops! Hey - I wasn't missing any of what we wanted to do in California! Plus, my hubby is a bit of a beer snob - so of course we had to hit up some brewery for tours and try new beers. 

All of this led us to the morning after Christmas at the Operation Jack marathon.  I woke up not wanting to run a mile yet alone 26.2 of them that morning. I watched my husband crawl out of bed and begin to get ready to leave. I knew I needed to do the same. He was very excited because this was going to be his first marathon. I wasn't at the time feeling the same level of excitement. However, I dragged myself out of bed and began to get ready. We stopped at a local grocery store to get some bread and peanut butter for breakfast.

Did I mention that I was cold too? Haha! I was definitely not waking up to a Hawaii morning! We made it down to the parking lot at Dockweiler state beach park. We looked at the board to see what number we were assigned. I was bib # 106. We then stood in line to get our bib and t-shirt. I tried not to be a wuss and bounce around too much from the chilly temperature - but I failed. While waiting in line a friend I had met at the Honolulu Marathon and I knew was running Operation Jack found me. We chatted for a couple minutes and then I went and sat back in the car to warm up some! I know, I know, I'm a wuss!

As the start time was approaching I took off my jacket and got out of the car to stretch. Lucky for me it was starting to warm up (though not a crazy amount). I am learning that ideal temperature for marathons are such a temperamental thing! We all gathered around the start line, listened to the route and off we went! At .2 miles in we saw this guy.....
This guy was amazing. He ran the whole race (ahead of me) and was at numerous spots a long the course cheering all the runners on! You rock are we there yet guy! (His sign said more then that too!)
The course was beautiful along the beach. It followed a bike path where bikes were actively going the entire race.For someone into biking also, like me, this was actually neat. Most of the bikes that passed were really nice bikes and gave me something to gawk at. The weather was beautiful and I was doing well on keeping pace. My only goal at this point in time was to beat my Honolulu time. My secret goal was to get under 5:30. 
At about mile 5 I began running right on pace with another gentleman. He and I ran the remainder of his race together (He was doing the half) and we chatted the entire time. This was nice as it kept me busy and not in my own head the entire time. He was a really nice guy and I found out he will be out in Hawaii running the half marathon I'm signed up for in April. Maybe we will run into each other again! 
My running partner and I for about 8 miles.

The weather was warm but not too warm the entire time. This was amazing and perfect for me. All around - I was feeling good this race significantly longer then I did in Honolulu! The only major issue I ran into was I had forgotten to put deodorant on the morning of the marathon and I began chaffing under my right arm beginning at mile 6 and struggled with it the entire time. 20 more miles of chaffing was certainly no fun. At one point in the race (around mile 20-21) I considered stopping one of the many bikers going by and asking them to turn around and look for guy with bib #107 at the finish line and ask him to have athletic tape for me as I ran by for the final loop before finishing. But I didn't. But honestly I STRONGLY considered it. Here I am about a week out now and it is still bad and tender. I will never forget deodorant again in my life. 

I struggled less and less during Operation Jack with my butt muscles cramping. However that being said it still happened, but I got better at keeping it at bay and also getting it to go away. I didn't use the nuun liquid I usually use or train with but instead drank what they provided. Which I believe was something made by GU. At each aid station except the first (I always skip the first) I would take that and a water. This really seemed to help. 

I began to struggle around mile 23. But I finished it! And most importantly I beat both goals (barely!).... I beat Honolulu and I got in under 5:30
Official time for Operation Jack...... 5:29:52

Just squeaked in under 5:30!

Hubby running his first marathon!

 Rocked it!

Looking forward to the next one..... on my 25th birthday! Louisiana here I come!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Honolulu Marathon

After getting my medal and finishers shirt!
Honolulu Marathon officially made me a marathoner! We all have to start somewhere - So I started with a marathon on my home turf. I signed up for Honolulu, unfortunately after the awesome Kama'aina $1.00 per mile deal. Which, I won't miss for the following years for myself and my husband. Way cheaper - I mean who can beat $26.2 for a marathon entry fee?


Let's start with the expo. I have to admit I was a bit disappointment with the expo. Actually, more then a bit. For such a large marathon - I would imagine the expo to be bigger. Also I understand that a lot of Japanese run this marathon - but that doesn't mean the whole expo has to be Japanese focused. (I am exaggerating a bit, I get that). But I honestly felt like very little of it was focused toward the runner in general. But instead it was focused toward the Japanese runner. That being said the organization to pick up your bib at the expo was very well done - and I do appreciate that.

On the day of the race - parking is terrible for those driving in. Lucky for me my husband dropped me off near the start and he went on the hunt for parking. The shuttle the Honolulu marathon puts on though is brilliant. They will take you from the Honolulu Zoo to the start area, which is great if you can find parking down there as that is near where the finish is! I thankfully though, didn't have to utilize the shuttle this year because of my awesome hubby!

I ran into a fellow yelper as I was waiting for the start (Pictured above), and he introduced me to some marathon maniacs who he was friends with. It was nice meeting fellow marathon enthusiasts! As the start time neared the excitement was clearly in the air! One of the best things about this marathon was the fireworks at the beginning. It is so awesome to have that be your beginning to the incredible journey any marathon brings - and each one I'm certain brings it's own unique journey. It was also quite nifty to be running with fireworks going off in the background.

The course itself was mostly flat with the exception of Diamond Head. Twice. First go around not so bad. Second go around - cruel and unusual punishment so close to the end of the 26.2 mile journey!

The journey of my first marathon was certainly a good one. I had given myself an original time goal of finishing between 5:00 and 5:30. I secretly was hoping to finish under 5:00, but I was giving myself a "cushion" time goal. The first half of the marathon was cake! I was right on track to finish within my time goal. I felt AWESOME! But I was aware of what I needed to do to ensure I could finish strong. I didn't start out strong (Held around an 11:00 min per mile pace) all the way through mile 12 (Dropped a bit on the first go around with Diamond head). I took in water and gels according to planned. I was doing awesome. I felt excited, motivated, happy, everything all wrapped into one as I heard people cheering along the course. It is so cool to see random people cheering everyone - even people they don't know!

After the half way mark I did start slowing. But I knew I was still going strong! And then mile 18 hit. I don't feel like I hit a wall - I was doing good everywhere except my butt muscles and my feet. All the sudden they hurt. A LOT! I slowed, walked for a minute and then stretched. Stretching helped. But not a permanent type of help. I find myself struggling with my butt and feet (though more butt) hurting from mile 18 until the finish. This is where my time started falling. As the last couple miles approached I began to realize I wouldn't hit my goal time. Then I just started focusing on staying under 6 hours. I finished my mile 26 and of course the last .2 as strongly as I felt I could with a pace of 13:30 for mile 26. The last .2 miles it hit me - I had done it! So in true Jessica fashion  I started tearing up - which makes it challenging to run. After crossing through the finish line, receiving a shell lei, and then making my way out the finishers area I was greeted by my amazing husband and my boss! They were both so excited for me and endured my 26.2 miles worth of stink to steal a hug!

I didn't hit my goal time - I ended up finishing in 5:47:06. I thought I'd be a bit sad because I KNOW I can do better then that. But I wasn't. I FINISHED! I am officially a marathoner - and that is what matters. Now I have a time to beat (and I will)! I am proud of my time and myself!

After finishing I did find getting to the finishers tent to pick up my shirt and medal a bit confusing - but that could simply have been the fact that I was also searching for my husband and not paying attention to the signs. Though, even when we met up the signs didn't do a lot of good. When I did find the tent receiving my finishers shirt and medal was one of the best feelings. It was like another little reminder that I had done it! I wore my medal the rest of the day (Seriously)! Malasadas at the end of the marathon - perfect! I've never had a malasada taste so good!

Biggest shout out and the best thing about this marathon (Any, really) is the volunteers! Everyone was well organized and aid stations were constantly working well so that they always had Gatorade and water for all the participants. They were cheering everyone on, high-fiving and saying encouraging words. Without the volunteers - none of this is possible. I tried to thank as many of them as I could throughout the race.

I thought the little things they did during the course made a big difference. Of course like mentioned, aid stations with water and Gatorade were well organized and marked and always ready for the next runner to come in. The gel packs at certain aid stations is a great addition. Although I didn't personally use them as I carried with me what I needed - I know numerous people did and appreciated it! The biggest little thing that made a big difference: Sponges! I had never been so relieved to see a sponge in my life - and multiple times throughout the race - I was in heaven! These ice cold sponges were amazing to rub all over your arms, legs, face, squeeze on top of your head, stick down your shirt, whatever - just to keep you cool. It was certainly a hot and humid day for the race! The occasional misting was also awesome, but not as heavenly as those sponges!

All in all - this is a good marathon. My first of many and I loved every minute of it (except the last 8 or so miles, those were mind over matter moments)! I've learned a marathon is not just endurance it involves having incredible strength to push through those tough times and miles. I will always strive to be a long distance runner. I'm sure I'll have numerous more Honolulu marathons under my belt before I know it.

When I got home from the Honolulu Marathon I was greeted by a gift on my porch (Pic on left)! My awesome co-workers and friends had put together goodies (Wine, flowers, Epsom salt, other salt, peppermint soap) and left it there for me to find when I got home. Most everyone had signed the card and it was so awesome! They are all the best - and I appreciated this so much! It meant so much to me!

I had such great support for this marathon in general! I know it isn't just this marathon - but seeing all the support I had was simply amazing. One of my best friends, Lauren, started out the day before the marathon posting on Facebook that she wished she could be there for my first marathon (She is in CO). Then that evening another friend and co-worker (Shannon) sent out best wishes to me also. Then when I got on Facebook after the marathon I was overwhelmed by the amount of support that was there before, during and after the race. Shannon posted an update to my wall at the half-way mark - She was keeping everyone updated me on! My aunt then joined in and posted a 30k update! After I had completed it - My boss posted the first picture of me with my finishers medal and shirt! I had so many congratulations and other people posting supportive things on my wall it was wonderful! Friends and family called me and texted me shortly after to congratulate me also! My mom even tried calling while I was still running at the end because she was so excited/happy for me (Love you, mom!) THANK YOU EVERYONE - for all your support! It meant so much to me, I can't even put it into words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Watch out Operation Jack Marathon (2.5 weeks away) - I'm coming for a PR!

 One down - 49 to go! (At least!)

Finishers Medal!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Honolulu Marathon - 2 days to go!


Wow! Where did the time go?

Don't get me wrong - I couldn't be more excited that the Honolulu marathon is just 2 days away! Okay - maybe a tad bit nervous too! But who wouldn't be for their first marathon?

Not only first marathon - but first of three in 41 days! (Soon to be Marathon Maniac!)

Tapering messes with you a bit though. It has been 3 weeks since my long 20 miler. I keep trying to remind myself that I need to taper to rest my body and allow it to be ready for the marathon on Sunday. But sometimes I catch myself thinking "It has been 3 weeks since 20 miles - how the heck am I going to pull off 26.2??" I know I got this though. Your mind is a powerful tool when running - and staying positive is the way to go!

I'm ready! I am so excited for all my training this year to pay off and to be able to call myself a marathoner! I am so excited to be able to color in a state on my map of the United States and mark it completed!

Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list. Running a marathon in every state has always been on my bucket list. Although, sometimes, before I really started running - I wasn't sure how possible it would be. But it is possible! I am going to do it!

26.2 miles - I got this!

(Off to the expo now I go!)